by Jessica Starks

Alex the Cat is the perfect story for animal lovers!

Alex the Cat is the story of Alex, a cat from Korea, who has a tough life. Starting at his birth, Alex’s life is great. He has loving parents who always make sure to take care of him. However, things change when the family decides to move away from their home.

The struggles of Alex and his family is something that humans can relate to in our own lives. Trying to get food for our families, living in rough neighborhoods, and getting in with the wrong crowd are all situations that Alex finds himself in, and as humans, we can’t help but understand and feel sorry for him. Alex the Cat helps us understand that animals have feelings too, and they look at us the same way we look at them. Just as humans, Alex’s background and experiences shaped the adult he became. Although the story had an unexpected ending, readers of the story can leave with a renewed sense of understanding of animals and, hopefully, more compassion for them.

One thing that I really appreciated was the fact that Porell did not stop at just telling the story – she told us the truth behind it. At the end of the story, she gives information on how animal abuse and abandonment is running rampant.

Alex the Cat is a story that would be beneficial for readers of all ages.

I give this story four stars.

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