By Lizzie Harris

Grumblebunny by Bob Hartman is a story about a rabbit named Grumblebunny and his cousins, Cuddlemop, Sweetsnuffle, and Pretty and how they get into a world of trouble.

Cuddlemop, Sweetsnuffle, and Pretty are always happy and looking at the bright side of things, but Grumblebunny is always grumpy. One day, Bad Wolf Peter comes along looking for stuff to put in his soup and finds the four bunnies. He puts them all in his “snack sack” so he can put them in his soup!

Cuddlemop, Sweetsnuffle, and Pretty are still happy-go-lucky, and enjoy swimming around in the warm soup, but Grumblebunny knows that they need to get out of there quick! It is up to Grumblebunny to convince his cousins to get a little more mean so they can all get out alive!

My favorite part of the book was when the wolf peeked in the pots to see if the bunnies were cooking. This was my favorite part because of the illustrations and because Cuddlemop, Sweetsnuffle, and Pretty were still so happy swimming around in the soup, even though the wolf wanted to eat them!

My favorite character was Grumblebunny. I liked him because he was always so mean – he didn’t know what good was! But he still managed to help save his cousins. He understood what was going on, unlike his cousins, and tried to get things done to save them all.

I would give this book 5 stars.

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