By Jessica Starks

The Chosen Path by Jason Hershey follows the story of Thelonious “Theo” Mitchell, a young adult who tries to find his place in the world while navigating through life.

Theo is just your average student when we catch up to him rushing to class. Although he is disappointed that he woke up late, his day is officially made when his roommate informs him that his crush, Sabrinna, has finally broken up with her boyfriend. Theo wastes no time and makes his move, eventually managing to get a date with her. Things start off a bit rocky, but the two eventually bond over their own personal tragedies and a romance begins to form.

Just when things are going great for Theo, he receives devastating news, leaving him to lean on no one other than Sabrinna. That is until things begin to suddenly change between them. Coming from a tough childhood, all of Theo’s past and hurtful memories begin to flood his mind and pull him into a stage of depression and anger he never thought he had. It isn’t until he returns to the things that make him happy that he realizes just how fortunate he is and how much he has truly grown.

My favorite character in this story is Theo because he is someone that we all can relate to. Everyone has gone through some sort of tragedy in life, and it can be hard to transition into a new part of life while trying to grieve. His relatability and resilience are what made me love this character.

My favorite part of the book was when Theo finally started to come back to himself and realize all of the blessings he had. After so much heartbreak and disappointment, it was great to finally see him bounce back in a positive way.

I give The Chosen Path five stars!

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