by Andrea King

Book:  This is an “amazing, knock you down, but get right up because you want to finish the story” kind of book. 

Jack loves his Ma, and Ma loves Jack. In fact, Ma is Jack’s entire world. He has never known a single day of his five years without her. Ma is there when Jack wakes up, they spend all day everyday together, and she is there when Jack goes to sleep at night.

Jack and Ma are the victims of a brutal kidnapping. Old Nick abducted Ma seven years ago when she was a 19 year-old college student.

Ma is an amazing, faithful woman who uses what pitiful resources the 11×11 underground shed has to educate and amuse Jack every single day. Giving each inanimate object a name and personality, Ma makes sure Jack is learning new things daily.

When Ma tells Jack about Outside, readers will his confusion and heartache.

As the two are scheming to escape from Old Nick, you will have to keep reading to find what happens next.

I give this novel a solid five stars!

Film Adaptation:  I am one of those who want to believe the book is always better than the movie. I have to say this film adaption of ROOM came pretty darn close to the book. Actress Brie Larson’s “Ma” and newcomer, Jacob Trembley, playing “Jack” left me sobbing with their amazing performances. Viewers will feel the fierce protection Ma has for her son. The adoration Jack has for Ma is overwhelming.

The first half of the movie the mother and son are trapped in an underground 11×11 toolshed. You will feel the claustrophobia, but will be impressed at Ma’s creativity and intelligence to keep a precocious five year-old educated and entertained.

After Ma and Jack are able to escape and Old Nick is arrested, the setting alternates between their hospital stay and Jack’s staying at his grandparents’ house.

I am giving the movie 4 stars because Brie Larson and Jacob Trembley’s brilliant performances as mother and son.

This story, whether you read the book or watch the movie or even both, is going to take you on an emotional roller coaster/ Ferris wheel.

Get ready!


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