A girl named Sukey had to work hard and deal with her mean stepfather. One day, she went to the shore and sang a song. A mermaid appeared. The mermaid gave her a gold coin and told her not to tell anyone she saw her. The mermaid even took her to live with her, but after a while, Sukey wanted to go back home. 

A lot of time had passed when she got home, so she was an adult now. The mermaid gave her a treasure chest to go back home. The treasure chest was full of gold. When her stepfather found out, he tried to be nicer to her, but he was still mean. When she found a man to marry her, her stepfather tried to get in the way and mess things up so he could take the money. 

When it was found out that her stepfather had tried to ruin things for Sukey, he tried to escape into the sea, but he was swallowed up and never heard from again.

The story tells you not to be greedy.

I liked this story because, even though Sukey had to work hard and didn’t get along with her stepfather, she still had a happy ending. This is also why Sukey was my favorite character. She was a hard worker and showed that good things can still come to you if you are good.

I would give this book 5+ stars and would tell any of my friends to read it —I really enjoyed it!

By Amiyah Dastinot

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