Cynthia Reeg Recommends:
Almost Paradise by Corabel Shofner

A modern feel-good MG with quirky southern charm. I had the privilege of hanging out with Corabel at SCBWI in LA last summer. She is as fun and delightful as her characters. This is her debut MG novel, and I certainly hope there will be more!

The Emperor of Mars (Secrets of the Dragon Tomb) by Patrick Samphire

An out-of-this-world MG fantasy adventure sure to delight. I know Patrick as a fellow Sweet 16 author. I fell in love with his first steam punk tale (SECRETS OF THE DRAGON’S TOMB) set on Mars during the time of Napoleon. I adore his understated humor, his Sci-Fi inventiveness, and his intriguing plots.

Curses and Warfare by Jeri Baird

A YA fantasy combining mystery, romance, and magic. Jeri and I share a publisher, Jolly Fish Press, and a love for writing magical tales. She is a master of intricately woven plots with plenty of twists and turns. She cares deeply about her characters and the book’s message, and it shows in her story.

Contribute by Kristy Acevedo

A thrilling YA sci-fi that sucks you in (much like the holograms and portals in the book.) This is the second book in the HOLO series. The first (CONSIDER/2016) left readers with a cliffhanger ending. Kristy, another Jolly Fish Press author, tells a masterful tale of an anxiety prone teen thrust into a life-alternating dilemma. Super summer reading at its best!

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