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Emma’s 5 Most Anticipated Books of 2018

Emma Hyndman Reading has always been more than a hobby for me; it’s a form of self-care, education, and communication. For this reason, the process of reading a book is more of a ritual that starts the moment I begin

Claudia’s 5 Most Anticipated Books of 2018

by Claudia Rojas               Wade in the Water by Tracy K. Smith (April) She is the current Poet Laureate and I haven’t read her work before, so I’m excited to see how I like

Kate’s 5 Most Anticipated Books of 2018

by Kate Hawkins             I love to read fiction, and nearly every kind of genre – horror, historical, even a bit of romance here and there. With a new year brings a whole new selection

Ebba’s 5 Most Anticipated Books of 2018

by Ebba Karlsson I can feel that it will be a good year for books. I started to google on some books that will come out in 2018 and the results made me want to cancel everything to just sit

Andrea’s 5 Most Anticipated Books of 2018

By Andrea K. This was a fun writing assignment because until recently, I had no idea so many YA books are coming out in the next few months! I had such a hard time narrowing down my choices just to

Warcross by Marie Lu

by Ebba Karlsson I can’t even properly describe how much I love Marie Lu’s books, and Warcross certainly didn’t disappoint. She is really good at making diverse and interesting characters, which I really appreciate. The world Marie Lu creates are

Alone Among The Echoes by Justin Coates

by Maricel Dragan The agent John Hauser has been wandering the earth for fifteen years, he is on a quest to find a long term enemy. He bears the reminiscences of past battles, but this time he has the support

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

Reviewed by Andrea K. A common theme I have noticed is John Green’s YA novels is that of “trying.” In A Fault in our Stars, both Hazel and Augusten are trying to adjust to life with cancer. Augusten was always

Hidden Figures (Young Readers’ Edition) by Margot Lee Shetterly

by Claudia Rojas The word “figure” means: the outline of a person, an important number, or as a verb, to calculate. It is a word perfectly used in Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures, which presents the narrative of several African-American

From Page to Stage or Screen: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Ronald Dahl

by Maricel Dragan Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is based on a book by British writer Ronald Dahl. The book was first published in 1964 and made it to the big screen in 1971 under the name “Willy Wonka and