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This was a fun writing assignment because until recently, I had no idea so many YA books are coming out in the next few months! I had such a hard time narrowing down my choices just to five, though. But after doing my due diligence, here are my top five choices of what I’m most excited to read next year!




BUSTED by Gina Ciocca

Marissa did not want to be known as her school’s snoop. BUT when she catches her BFF’s boyfriend making out with another girl, she had to bust him out. Right? Things get prickly when Marissa is hired to catch her former best friend’s boyfriend. Especially when Marissa is the one TJ is cheating with… (oops)

YOU’LL MISS ME WHEN I’M GONE by Rachel Solomon

Adina and Tovah are 18 year-old twins are nothing alike except for being overly ambitious. Even though one twin has embraced her Jewish heritage, the other one refuses. Just like their Huntington Disease gene. When one twin tests positive, her sister is negative. Knowing the disease is fatal, should the two even try to repair their relationship?


Jane knows she has messed up. Royally. Unfortunately, everyone else knows she messed up, too. When Jane is willing to go on reality TV to reinvent herself, Jane’s parents agree to it because they want the best for their daughter. Will Jane have what it takes to compete to the end or will the TV audience see right through her? Stay tuned…


It’s not that I don’t want friends; in fact there’s nothing more I want. It’s just so hard.” Caroline Sands has struggled a lot being the new girl in a new school in a new state after her parents’ divorce. Now Caroline is living away from home in a college dorm. Her worried mother wants Caroline to be happy and make friends, or else she’ll be forced to move home and attend therapy sessions. What choice will Caroline make- get out of her comfort zone and make friends OR move home and live in her safe imagination?

LOSING LEAH by Tiffany King

Mila Klein’s twin sister was abducted when they were only six years old. For the past 10 years, the family has been stretched too thin to the point of breaking. Mila wants to be the good daughter while wondering all the time about Leah. But the headaches are just so bad. The pain has to be telling her something. Can Leah and Mila reconnect before it’s late?


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