In the book Charlie Hernández & the League of Shadows, a boy named Charlie Hernández suddenly finds that his parents have gone missing, and the next day, he finds horns growing out of his head! When Charlie finds a map in the locket his mom left for him, he follows it into a world of demons and monsters from the Hispanic legends taught to him as a boy by his grandmother. Along with his newfound friend, Violet, Charlie tries to find out who he actually is and save the world from a evil group of people called The Black Hand.

Charlie Hernández & the League of Shadows is one of my favorite books! Personally, I didn’t know much about Hispanic myths, so it was a very enjoyable experience to learn some of them. The characters were explained vividly, making the whole story more fun because I could see the monsters and characters in my head. The book uses some Spanish, but when it is used, I could figure out exactly what the words meant from the context. This was an incredibly good book, and I give it five stars.

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