The Distance Between Us is an autobiography about Reyna Grande’s life as a refugee from Mexico. Her story starts with her life in Mexico. She is only four when her mom leaves to go to America (or as Reyna’s family calls it El Otro Lado, which mean The Other Side) to join a man she has never met. Her father. Reyna now lives with her Abuela (grandma) along with her two siblings, Mago and Carlos. Her grandma treats Reyna and her siblings very unfairly, and that is when Reyna realizes why her parents left her. They wanted to build a better life for their children.

After a few years, their mother comes back and tells them news that flips their world upside down. Reyna questions if her parents have forgotten about her and her siblings. She wonders if they truly love her anymore.

Again, years pass and a mysterious man appears at the children’s door. They soon figure out that this mystery man is their father, and he wants to take them to El Otro Lado. This is a big trip, and Reyna isn’t sure if she can trust the man that has left her alone for so many years. The question is still lingering…do they still love me?

This is a beautiful story on the real-life struggles that people face all over the world. Reyna tells her story so wonderfully. I feel like it really captures some of the problems in the world and how we can respond to them. Reyna is very strong and bold for wanting to put her hardships out in the world for everyone to see. I think that was a great choice because if it impacts others as much as it impacted me, then so many people will be changed.

The story was told with so much detail and emotion that I felt like I was right next to Reyna, sharing her problems with her. I was mourning when times were hard and rooting for her when times were good. This is an amazing story, and I strongly encourage you to read it.

Rating: 5 Stars


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