Danielle Jawando’s book, When Our Worlds Collided, won the 2023 YA Book Prize at the Edinburgh International Book Festival (EIBF). 

In an interview with The Bookseller, Jawando described her book in these words:

“When Our Worlds Collided is a coming-of-age novel about chance encounters, injustice and found family. It follows three teenagers from different backgrounds who are brought together in the aftermath of a stabbing. This event has a knock-on effect in each of their lives and makes them question the deep-rooted prejudice and racism that exists everywhere they’re meant to feel safe.“

YA Book Prize chair Caroline Carpenter, said this about the book: “Though this is only Danielle Jawando’s second novel, she has already proven herself to be a powerful author of deeply affecting and authentic stories and a rising star of YA.”

This isn’t the first award the book has been awarded this year. Danielle won the Jhalak Children’s and Young Adult Prize earlier this year.

Interested in reading the book? You can read the first chapter for free here or purchase on Amazon.  

By Jessica Starks

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