S.A. Larsen Recommends:

   The Rat Prince by Bridgett Hodder

This story takes the familiar fairytale of Cinderella and flips it on its head! It’s told by one of the coachmen rats. (Love this so much!) Doing this gives the story a completely different view of Cinderella’s tale and some insight into those who helped her. It’s fantastical, magical, and silly at times. I loved learning about the world of the rats of the castle. Another reason I chose to recommend this book is because it’s a blast back to childhood, so parents will enjoy reading this with their children.

The Last Cherry Blossom by Kathleen Burkinshaw

Told from the eyes of a little girl (who happens to be the author’s mother), readers learn about Hiroshima, Japan – before, during, and after the bomb was dropped. The emotions are real and poignantly communicate what it felt like to be there. I’ve personally recommended this book to middle grade history teachers. This story is a wonderful way to teach school kids about this part of history and to discuss the aftermath.

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