Wyjuana Montgomery Recommends:

And She Laughed Volume 1-by Anesha Sharp

Not only did my dear friend Anesha Sharp write the book, but it is actually really good. This book is a work of fiction that chronicles the life situations of 3-4 women and when I read it, I found that I could relate to each woman in one way or the other. Either I had experienced her situation or knew other women who had. Not everyone can write fiction that comes off genuine and relatable, but Author Anesha Sharp does this easily. It was “real” and entertaining. I enjoyed the read from start to finish. I am excited to share this book because I think other women who enjoy a good fiction read sprinkled with humor and life lessons will really enjoy this book.


Regroup: the How-To of Never Giving Up by Jaunique Sealey 

I recommended this book because it is a how-to book like no other. Author Jaunique Sealey doesn’t just offer up a happy, magic formula to “success”, but reminds us that “success is a process, not a destination” and in she is willing to share the ups and downs, good and bad, beautiful and ugly of her success process. This is the meaty part that we need to help us on our individual journeys, but not too many authors are willing to bare their soul enough to share on the level that Sealey does in this work. I could definitely relate to it on a personal level and even insert similar situations I’ve gone through as I read along and see how her process could be applied to my related experience. This book is definitely a must-read for anyone pursuing their dreams, realistic goals and this thing we call “success.”

Brown Sugar by Crystal H Myers

I chose to recommend this book because I do love romance novels. However there is a difference between a romance novel that contains nothing but steamy sex scenes from start to finish with no real  story line. I love this book because it captivated my attention from start to finish because you get a good storyline in this work of fiction that is quite relateable AND there is the romance that goes along with it. I am always impressed with anyone who can successfully write fiction with a good flow, well-developed characters and a realistic storyline. This is book one of a series and I am definitely planning to order the next books in the Kilpatrick Novel Series.

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