Jarvis Frederick is a Florida native who loves God and encourages others to follow their dreams. He is also the author of a poetry book entitled Better Now Than Never. Booked For Review had an opportunity to sit down with the author and discuss his journey and his book.

Better Now Than Never was written over the course of 20 years, and its purpose is to encourage anyone to follow their dreams and to know that it’s never too late. It’s always better now than never. It’s better to have the potential of this book to touch a life than it never to be read at all.

Jarvis told us that he knew that writing was his gift and passion when he was a young teenager, very similar to other authors featured in our blog, such as Hannah Pittard and Martina Boone.

Some people may think that the writing process or going through edits is the most challenging part of writing a book. “Having the confidence to share the work,” Frederick admitted, is the most challenging part of writing a book.

Every author is different when it comes to getting inspired to write their books or coming up with ideas for settings and characters. Where does Jarvis get his inspiration? His inspiration is right in front of him! “[The] life experiences of myself and others.”

Here at Booked For Review, we always love learning from authors and getting their advice. “Be confident and know that everyone won’t love your work,” is the advice Jarvis shared with us, and it’s so true! Everyone has a different preference, and that’s okay – as long as you are confident in your story and your writing, you’ll always be successful!

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