Meet Bradley Golden, the Founder and CEO of Second Sight Publishing LLC, a Black-owned comic book publisher based in Pontotoc, Mississippi. With a passion for Southern Gothic Horror, Bradley has written the spine-chilling anthology, Shook! A Black Horror Anthology. This anthology features a roster of award-winning writers such as David Walker (Bitter Root, Black Panther Party), John Jennings (Kindred, The Blacker the Ink), Rodney Barnes (Killadelphia) and is the largest collection of Glyph Comics Award winners and nominees in a single publication. 

Bradley’s writing process is unique, as he writes full scripts late at night in a dark room with Eminem blasting in his ear. He admits that he does deal with bouts of writer’s block, so when it strikes he goes to the movies!

Speaking of the movies, Bradley admits that if one of his books were to be made into a movie, he would love for Vivica Fox to play detective Sarah McKinney in his supernatural crime drama, Leave on the Light. However, there is another character in one of his books that stands out even more than detective Sarah McKinney. In Shook! A Black Horror Anthology, the character Sanaa is special to him, because she represents his daughter.

Bradley has done and accomplished so much, what’s left on his bucket list? “Go on a cruise to Jamaica, go to California, and become a New York Times bestseller author.”

Bradley’s dedication to his craft is evident in the success of books and Second Sight Publishing LLC. He has proven that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their goals. With his work, Bradley is not only entertaining audiences but also opening doors for underrepresented voices in the comic book industry. Keep an eye out for future releases from Second Sight Publishing LLC, as Bradley and his team continue to bring unique and diverse stories to the world of comics.

Be sure to check out Shook! A Black Horror Anthology on Amazon or anywhere books are sold. You can also find more of his work on his website.

By Jessica Starks

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