by Ebba Karlsson

Maybe you’re familiar with the author of the Inca Cat Series? If not, here she is; R. F. Kristi!

“I am, obviously, a cat and animal lover,” R. F. Kristi says. “I want people to love and understand animals, that’s my goal with writing, no matter the age of the reader.”

Her Inca Cat Series is mostly for children, but she says that it is for everyone who wants to read it. The idea of her becoming an author for children and writing about cats came pretty much out of the blue, she claimed. But that’s typical of me, she says, “Working with the United Nations with reports of a technical nature and all.”

Kristi gives full credit to her furry friends for inspiration for her books. “From watching and interacting with both my cats, Inca and Cara, the Inca Cat Series was born.  Loving a good mystery, when I started writing about the cat adventures, the ideas started flowing.”  

The Cat, Inca, is the main protagonist of the series; it’s also Kristi’s favorite character. “Inca is a sure-footed and strong-willed leader. She is a detective with wits and grace, just like cats naturally are. In the most recent published book in the series, Christmas Cats, Inca and her sister Cara, brother Fromage, and their adopted hamster Tabby are about to celebrate the holidays together. It turns out that a dog, Boss, that lives in the neighborhood, needs help and Inca the detective is the right cat for the work.

When Kristi writes her books, she mostly likes to sit in the early mornings when it’s all quiet, but as she gets an idea stuck in her head it’s difficult to stop the writing process. If she gets writer’s block she usually tries to relax a bit with a book or a good movie to take a break from the writing itself. Some of her own favorite authors are Jerome K. Jerome, P.G. Woodhouse, and Agatha Christie. Kristi also says that if her first book in the Inca Cat Series, The Cats Who Crossed Over From Paris, were made into a movie she would love to have Scarlett Johansson as Inca.

Her goals are to complete 6 books in the Inca Cats Series, work more for animal rescue efforts and go on a safari in Africa. “The intelligence and allure of cats have always enchanted me. As an animal lover, if I have convinced one more child or adult to understand and love animals, and enjoy their company – after reading the Inca Cat Series, that would be sufficient for me.”

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