by Jessica Starks

This book is a testament to all grandchildren to appreciate their grandparents and love them while they are still around.

Be A Star is a book completely filled with love and is undeniably a passion project. A grandparent is one of the most special people in a child’s life, and Malique’s grandfather is the grandparent that

every child dreams of. I cannot help but feel sentimental, as this book causes to take some time and remember my own grandfather, who is also no longer with us.

Be A Star is the story of a young boy who loves his grandfather. While sitting in class one day, the teacher asks for one of the students to get up and tell the class about someone special.   When Malique is called upon, he gets up and decides to tell the class about his grandfather. Malique’s story of his grandfather’s life and legacy inspires not only his classmates but his teacher to always reach for the stars and do their best in everything they do.

A great cook, loving, and full of advice, Mr. K was not only an excellent grandfather but a man who obviously was highly respected by his entire family and community. It is obvious that he was truly an exemplary figure in Malique’s life and those that encountered him.

What I really loved about the book was the illustrations. The pictures were bright and vivid, which would be highly attractive to a child. Also, the pictures fit perfectly with the story and give the nostalgic and warm feeling that I’m sure the author wanted to give the readers as they walked down memory lane as he talked about his grandfather.

Such an excellent book for children and adults alike. I give this book 5 stars!

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