I kinda knew a little bit about Greek Mythology before, but my aunt got this book for me, and I LOVE Greek Mythology now!

Ultimate Greek Mythology: Adventurous Stories, Fun Facts, Amazing History, and Beyond! is a book that tells all of the stories of the Greek gods and goddesses. It also has all the little monsters and beasts and characters that go along with the stories in there. There is also a little dictionary in there that helps you keep up with everything.

My favorite story in the book was about Daphne and Apollo. Daphne liked being in the woods, and Apollo, who was a Greek God, wanted to marry her so he would chase her in the woods. To save her, Daphne’s dad turned her into a tree. When Apollo found out, he was sad, so he took the branches from her tree and turned it into a crown so she would always be with him.That story is my favorite because it’s funny when you think about how Apollo was chasing her.

Aphrodite and Daphne were my favorite characters because they had good stories in the book. 

I would give this book 5+ stars, because it’s so good!

By Amiyah Dastinot

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