Book Review: Girls Dinner Club

By: Taylor Sanders

Girls Dinner Club is the kind of book that shows the power of friendship, loyalty, and love. The author Jessie Elliot depicts the three main characters wonderfully as young girls growing up in the Big Apple with the ir own trials and tribulations. Junie Wong- Goldstein is finally in the 10th grade, has the perfect home, perfect school, and, most importantly her boyfriend Brian, who adores her. But when Junie’s world gets rocked by a destructive decision in the heat of the moment it, has crazed ripple effects. However, on the other side of the big city, Celia Clarke, Junie’s best friend is adoring one person: her father…she get’s a rude awakening from the new woman in his life. Suddenly, Celia creates a new agenda for her life—, this includes not falling in love with Mr. Right. In the two girls’ endeavors to support each other with their problems, they befriend a rebellious natural born Italian girl named Danielle. Danielle brings the girls into her world of fearless and begins to teach them how to cook good old Italian food with her grandmother. But Danielle suffers from her own  insecurities that come from her dark family secrets. The girls find comfort and support for their problems through friendship and food because life is like a recipe, but sometimes you get to change it.

 This coming of age story will show readers that they can find bliss in a recipe because each ingredient is different. The book conveys the exact persona of teenage girls in the prime of their youth. I absolutely adore this book; whoever reads Girls Dinner Club will fall completely in love with it. Jessie Elliot sheds light on the phases that young girls go through that makes them become young women.

I give it four hearts!

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