Book Review: The Melting of Maggie Bean by Tricia Rayburn
Review By: La’Rissa Dunn

The Melting of Maggie Bean by Tricia Rayburn features an overweight girl with dreams and a family in the midst of a money catastrophe. Maggie can’t stop spending her allowance money on different types of chocolate, and she’s embarrassed to admit it to her family. When her mom sends her to her aunt’s weight loss group, the “Pound Patrollers,” Maggie is too embarrassed to go, worried she might see her beloved Peter Applewood, her school crush. But when she gets there, she finds herself surrounded by adults and only one kid her age named Arnie, who she soon befriends.

At first she wasn’t excited about the “Pound Patrollers,” but when Maggie’s best friend Aimee wants her to join the schools synchronized swim team, she finds herself wanting to lose as much weight as possible before the deadline.

Dealing with her weight loss journey, her father’s struggle and denial with finding a job, and her mom’s depression with money struggles, Maggie has to continue working hard to reach her goal, but can she…?

Join Maggie Bean on her adventures and find out if she’ll be able to reach her goal!

This is book is great because it teaches teens how to work through peer pressure, stress, and obesity.
The book also shows teens how to consider another person’s life and take a walk in their shoes.

This book gets 5 stars!

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