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Book Review: My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

“My Sister’s Keeper,” is a novel written by Jodi Picoult that centers around a family going through the hardships of having a child that is terminally ill.

The main character, Anna Fitzgerald, is the thirteen-year-old sister of Kate, who is sixteen- year-old and diagnosed with acute promyelocytic cancer.

Anna was conceived to be a donor for Kate and had been giving Kate whatever she needed to recover her whole life, until she turns 13 and is supposed to donate a kidney to Kate.

Determined to make her own decisions for what’s best for her, Anna takes her parents to court to be medically emancipated.

The novel is set in Rhode Island, with the main characters including: Anna, Sarah (their mother), Brian (their father), Jesse (their brother), and Anna’s lawyer Campbell Alexander.

The story is told from the point of view of these characters, as well as Anna’s guardian ad litem and the judge presiding over the case.

Out of all of the characters, Jesse was my favorite character because although he received the least amount of attention, his presence was important to the family dynamic, he helped Anna with a lot of the things she wanted to do to be medically emancipated.

The plot was very believable with several plot twists that will make you not want to stop reading.

I loved the book, and my favorite part was when the family went to the carnival. Kate didn’t want to go out because she felt like we as ugly without her hair. In an effort to make her feel better, Sarah shaved her head as well and they all went to the carnival nearby. My least favorite part was the ending.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this book for people that may be sensitive to this subject.

“My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult gets 5 stars.

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