My grandma bought this book for me at a sale at the library in my town and I’m glad she did cause I really liked it!

Manana, Iguana is a story about the Iguana who wants to throw a party with her friends Tortuga, Culebra, and Conejo. Iguana’s friends said they wanted to help, but they kept coming up with excuses because they didn’t really want to help. Culebra said he would have helped with the fiesta, but he didn’t have arms. Conejo said he would move too fast and mess the party up. Tortuga said he would move too slow giving the invitations. Iguana still had the party, but she wouldn’t let Tortuga, Culebra, and Conejo greet the guests cause they didn’t help and they felt bad. Tortuga felt so bad that he hid in his shell. After the party was over, Iguana was so tired that she went to sleep. Tortuga, Culebra, and Conejo decided to clean up the party for her while she was asleep. The next morning Iguana woke up and saw that her friends cleaned up for her so they ate leftovers from the party together.

My favorite part of the book was when even though Iguana’s friends didn’t help her with the party, they helped her clean up and make up for it. My favorite character in the book was Tortuga because I liked the texture and design on his shell.

My least favorite part was when Iguana told them they could not greet the guests at the party and they were embarrassed. I thought that part was sad.

I would recommend this book to my friends because it is a good story and it helps you learn Spanish words because the book has a lot of Spanish words in it. I would give this book three stars because the part about Tortuga, Culebra, and Conejo was sad.

By Solomon Starks

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