My First Year As A Princess is about Rapunzel. She was finally able to leave her tower after many years and start exploring the world. The book is written in first person so it feels like you are going on the exploration with her. 

I got this book for Christmas and I have read it over and over many times!

Out of all of the characters in the book, Rapunzel is my favorite. This is because she likes to explore and she winds up saving the day. I also liked her because she had a whole lot of friends and she was a princess! I wish I could be a princess too. If you remember the Tangled movie, Eugene popped in the tower like nothing happened to save her from the evil witch. And she hit him with a frying pan! 

My favorite part of the book was when she met up with all of her friends and saved the whole city. They saved the city from the evil witch. At one point she accidentally touched the evil tree and became evil for a little bit, but her friends had a magic potion that helped make her un-evil and saved her. After that, they put the potion on the tree too and also on the evil witch. After the witch was made un-evil, Rapunzel found out that the witch was really her mom. 

In the end, Rapunzel reunited with her parents, went back to her tower, and lived happily ever after!

I give this book five stars. I would tell other people to read this book especially if they like princesses. If you don’t like princesses you probably won’t like this book.  

By Amiyah Dastinot

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