Reviewed by Andrea Bledsoe King

This is a tale of middle school mishaps and adventures focusing on Ginny Davis, a seventh grader who tries so hard. She is almost trying too hard. Ginny’s story is chronicled almost like a scrapbook. With Ginny’s agenda written out on age- appropriate unicorn-themed stationery, report cards (including comments from her mom,) different assignments from different subjects, as well as notes from friends, this book is almost like her personal diary. Ginny, in all fairness, tries to seize every day and every opportunity, but sometimes, she gets just so overwhelmed. Let’s face it; we all did at 12 years old. (Shoot, I still sometimes get overwhelmed at 43!) Luckily, Ginny has a great mom who supports her endeavors and bails her out with her checkbook, if needed. I highly recommend this YA book because we all have had some Ginny episodes in our lives but this book can remind readers you’re not alone when you mess up.

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