Reviewed by Andrea Bledsoe King

This is a most accurate book about the trials and tribulations of high school:  popularity contests, awkwardness, cliques, and just trying to fit in while standing out. But what makes this particular story hilarious is it is told from the point of view of fuzzy chickens. Sloane Tanen has written a snarky tale about teenagers all wanting to fit in but floundering to do so. Tanen collaborated with photographer Stefan Hagen to capture all this realness of high school. Hagen has dressed up the chickens as the popular girl and her sidekick, the nerdy chick who has embraced her intelligence, the gay chicken who isn’t quite ready to come out, and of course, there are jocks and misfits in the story. We all are familiar with how messed up high school really is, but maybe you can identify with one of Tanen and Hagen’s

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