Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is one of those books that immediately intrigues you just from the cover. And thankfully, this book did not disappoint once I started turning its pages.

The story surrounds Jacob, a 16-year-old boy who is close with his grandfather, Abraham, who was always telling him these tales about monsters and a group of peculiar children who he lived with after escaping Nazi Germany. As a young child, Jacob is fascinated by these stories, but as he gets older, some of the magic starts to fade, and Jacob’s family increasingly becomes concerned about his grandfather’s mental state.

On the day Jacob’s grandfather passes away, Jacob sees something that makes him second-guess that maybe his grandfather’s stories were true, which also causes his family to start worrying about him. 

Jacob eventually winds up traveling with his dad to Wales to learn more about his grandpa’s story and younger years. This trip winds up changing Jacob’s life and sending him on a journey that not only helps him understand his grandfather’s story but puts him right in the center of his own heroic journey.

I personally loved this book because it kept me wanting to read more. I also loved the fact that it included the photos that Jacob’s grandfather talked about – it helped you connect more with the story and the events as they unfolded. Although it was a decent-sized book, the story kept me so interested that I didn’t have a problem getting through it at all. I’m usually not into fantasy, but this one changed the game for me.

I would give this story five stars!

By Jessica Starks

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