I don’t usually find myself reading many poetry books, but I’m always amazed at how writers are able to compose them. 

One day I came across R.R. Noall’s book Play on Words, and it instantly made me want to become a poet! 

Play on Words is a book of poems that looks at common idioms and explores their meanings to us, other possible meanings, and a deeper significance they can have.

She used regular, everyday phrases like, Curiosity killed the cat, Method to madness, and more and put them in a way I never would have previously considered. 

For instance, she wrote about the phrase, A Piece of Cake, but took focus on the cake and savoring the flavors instead of talking about how easy something was, which is how we interpret it.

All of the poems were thought-provoking and well written. It’s one of those books that makes you look at the world around you differently. 

If you’re not into long books, this book doesn’t take long to read at all, and it’s not a hard read. It’s very easy to digest. 

I would give this book 5 stars!

By Jessica Starks

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