by Jada Davis

Savvy by Ingrid Law is a novel about a girl named Mississippi “Mibs” Beaumont and her family that gets magical powers called a “savvy” that every family member gets when they turn thirteen years old. Two days before Mib’s thirteenth birthday, her father was in a bad accident and in a coma. This makes Mibs upset and makes her pray for God to give her a savvy that can help her dad.

As Mibs finds out what she thinks is her savvy, which is waking people up, she decides to sneak on a bus going to the town where her father is in the hospital. She thought she would be going by herself, but her brothers Fish and Samson and two other kids, Bobbi and Will Jr., tag along. While on this trip, Mibs finds herself in big trouble when she realizes that the bus isn’t even going to the town where her father is. She also learns that her savvy isn’t waking people up – it’s being able to read people’s tattoos!

Despite all of the trouble, Mibs and her gang eventually make it to see her father in the hospital, where she realizes that, even though she didn’t have the savvy she thought she did, she is still able to help her father.

My favorite character was Mibs because she was the main character in the story. Mibs was also my favorite character because of her savvy to read tattoos.

I give this book 5 stars.

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