By La’Rissa Dunn

The Gathering, the second book in the Darkness Rising series, takes place in the same world but different people. In this story we explore Maya and her inclosed city in a small research town right in Vancouver. Maya is still grieving about her best friend’s mysterious death. Her best friend Daniel gets bad vibes off of the new kid Rafe. When she meets him he seems harmless, so they start disagreeing. As she starts to get these strange spasms and weird encounters with dangerous cougars, she becomes suspicious that something is wrong. Rafe starts taking an  strange interest in Maya that she can’t quite put her hand on. This town doesn’t seem quite what it seems anymore.

The Gathering is a very surprising story. With new superpowers and new characters to sudden plot changes. This story had me surprised on all of the sudden changes at the end, but looks like you’re gonna have to find out!

I give this book a solid 5 stars for all of the amazing action, sci-fi, and romance! This book never fails to excite.

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