by Andrea K.

When I was first asked to review my favorite YA novel, I thought to myself, “What an easy assignment! I got this!”

Until it wasn’t easy, and I didn’t have it…  The fact of the matter is I read so many YA novels; it was hard to narrow down one book. Saying that, I thought it would be only right to review the book that started my adoration of all things YA.

I first read GO ASK ALICE when I was around 13 after my BFF, Kristen, recommended it. This diary of a fifteen year old never got credited to any certain author; in fact, the main character isn’t even named Alice. The title comes from a Grace Slick song, White Rabbit, which was popular in the 1970’s.

Our main character is an innocent, wholesome teenager in the 1960’s who just wants to fit in. She goes to a party where the popular kids are, and she is secretly slipped LSD in her coke bottle. Experiencing a great high, the character is torn between being good or trying other drugs. Her diary tells about her drug experimentation, hitchhiking across the country, bottoming out, accidentally overdosing, getting clean, and so much more.

There has been a lot of controversy around this book ever since it was published, but I’m proud to say my library has it shelved rightfully in classics! Since GO ASK ALICE is a book I own and get something out of it every time I read it, I will give it four stars. I won’t give it five stars because of the ending, but you can find out what happens only if YOU read it.

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